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I am an Albury based Mixed Media Artist and sewing enthusiast,

Designing my first dress at age 7 and then encouraged to continue with drawings by my year 5 school teacher, I was then confident to continue creating thru-out my school years.


I always had the dream of becoming a Graphic & Fashion Designer but alas I became a mum in my early twenties.

After 25years of rearing children and working in Health, my creative interests have never left me.


Abstract Art was never of much interest in my early repertoire of works, however with time and experimentation through various Sewing and Art techniques; I have found a new style of Art that I adore.

Over the past few years (through trial and error) I have taught myself to manipulate and create my own style of Art and Design with the use of Inks & Resin and also the use of various textural mediums that is continually evolving.


Now an empty nester I have created

'My Art studio' from what was previously my children’s rumpus room. This now become my new ‘happy space’.

Kerrie Grant

Albury NSW 2640